Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tank envy

I just love the Leman Russ tank! More guns than any other armoured vehicle of its size, cheap, well armoured and weapon options to tackle any foe. One thing that I have been working on is storage and weathering. While I'm well on my way, I'm looking forward to developing and learning more techniques. I've got an old Russ to experiment on which makes it easy, its always hard to try something new on a brand new kit you've just spent hours painting.

The above tank is almost done, I'm just putting the finishing touches on the demolisher cannon, heavy flamers and multi melta's.


  1. The Russ kits do look great mate, and once again your paint job just make them look brilliant. Nice tip with using a old tank model. I've done it for years with infantry models, but never thought to do it with larger models. I have a spare Rhino I can use for testing out Rhino based vehicles.


  2. I do have tank envy!

    All of it looks great, but I'm especially taken by the searchlight.

  3. Thanks guys, I don't know why the pic's are half cut off? I'll figure it out some time.

    sonsoftaurus- the paint job on the search light was average until I gave it a coat of micro Satin. But any sort of glossy varnish will do (even your wife's nail varnish!).